Super woman!

Super woman!

It’s important that young women surround themselves with positive, STRONG, female images

yes women are strong. I also think that women can possess their own strength; not necessarily using male qualities (dominance, anger, insensitivity) ~sorry gentlemen I know there are many of you not like this~

I think that female emotion is a sign of strength.


4 thoughts on “Super woman!

  1. Inability to control your emotions is not a sign of strength. It is weakness.

    It is important for young people, male and female, to surround themselves with positive, strong, gender appropriate role models. Trying to label weakness as strength won’t make this happen. Trying to label maleness as strength and femaleness as weakness won’t make this happen. We need to define and shape an image of what a strong female actually looks like, and it’s not turning green and throwing tanks.

    If you want good examples of truly strong female characters, watch the movie “Cold Mountain” not the show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

      • Then Female emotion isn’t strength. Every one has emotions. Overcoming your emotions and acting despite fear is strength, not the fear. Being able to let someone go for their own good despite your love for them is strength, not the love it’s self.

        It’s not the presence of emotions that shows strength, but the ability to overcome the baser animal selves that are emotions.

  2. Additionally I also believe that maleness has been labeled as strength and femaleness labelled as weak for a long time now…. But I’m not suggesting that women should throw tanks at people! That is just silly! But I see your point thank you for your feed back 🙂

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