Marital Rape

Hi all,
Today I wanted to talk about the importance of raising awareness about marital rape.

It took our country (United States) until 1993 TO MAKE MARITAL RAPE illegal!!

1993…. And it is still rarely prosecuted, the same with many instances of rape. Before then it wasn’t even considered rape because this person was your husband. I think this dates back to the mentality of being property of your husband… Having his name, his ring etc.

Yesterday I saw stand up of Bernie Mac saying that he has to “steal pussy from his wife”

NOT ok VERY not ok… You do not have sex with an unconscious person ever…


2 thoughts on “Marital Rape

  1. It’s scary that it took so long to legalise what should be such an obvious marital respect. If it’s illegal to do it to a stranger, why should it be any different for someone who you actually (legally) claim to respect and love? Very important that people understand how to negotiate their sexual contact within relationships πŸ™‚

    Awesome post Lena πŸ™‚

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