Interracial Dating

I am someone that prefers to date outside of their race often.

I am a white woman and dating outside my race only became a problem for people when I started dating black men.

Some people (mostly white men) decided to think that it was an extra “bad ass” think to do which is ridiculous. 

One white man that WAS my friend before decided to say that he didn’t know I was “that kind of girl” the kind I guess that isn’t a racist???

Basically, he devalued me and decided to say that I was a slut because I dated black men. 

Not only that but he also continued to tell everyone and talk about it for the next year… So much that a girl that I barely knew came up to me and said “oh we all knew what you like, you like those black guys.”  

Why does everyone care so much??? Oh, yeah because of our history that’s why!!!

Me and my lover who was a black male kissed in a performance and several friends of mine who were white asked “who that black guy was” his race is mentioned but no one asked what his name was. 

Please stop the hate guys and let love happen!


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