The feminism of different races

Hi all, 

It seems in my academic career that I have reached a problematic subject. I am taking “African-American perspectives on crime” my class is taught by a black male and the whole class is about black masculinity and how black men are unfairly tried in the judicial system (which is of course a problem) HOWEVER, black women are almost never talked about and if women are even INCLUDED in the discussions, in the films we watch they are sexual objects, in domestic positions, or called a bitch or a hoe.

My professor even said that if a woman lets a man call her a “bitch” or a “ho” then there is nothing that can be done about that. 


He also glorifies male athletes…. which considering there is a gap of women in sports is something that leaves women out ENTIRELY.


Any feminist voices with other opinions about this subject? I am also looking for a feminist analysis of the popular tv show “The Boondocks” I would prefer to have a black feminist opinion, simply because there is both race and gender present in this issue.   


8 thoughts on “The feminism of different races

  1. But dear, what’s race got to do with this all?
    “My professor even said that if a woman lets a man call her a “bitch” or a “ho” then there is nothing that can be done about that” –there is everything wrong with that, who is this professor condoning this even if the woman lets the man get away with it?This is wrong for any and each and every woman from any race, color, religion, ethnicity, region, orientation etc etc.

      • Hmmm, I understood this professor was a male. In any-case, what does he mean here? Does he mean that its ok scenario because its happening black African-American couple? What a piece of garbage, mostly white male professors can think in this appalling manner..

      • Are you serious? I have had a scenario where several white gender experts condoned the violence against women done by POC even if the WOC never complained. In-fact I had this really weird co-trainer talking bull at youth lecture. This goes on showing men across the board need more fiery feminism from women white and colored.

      • Thanks 🙂 and yes unfortunately I have heard of that too! It’s funny because when I graduated he told me that I should be a professor even though I disagreed with almost everything he taught us 🙂 I want to take a stand for all women but I don’t want to misrepresent anyone 🙂

      • That is amazing, the world certainly needs more women like yourseelf that have a coherent idea and mission for rights of women and fairness 🙂
        All the best.

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